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The Producer's Corner with Spud Too Tight is a major global driving force where celebrities in all genres of music sit down and discuss their craft. It is "The New Hot Spot" now to hear a diverse range of Billboard's Chart Topping, Multi-Platinum & Grammy Award winning music producers, composers, arrangers, musicians/multi-instrumentalists, vocalists and engineers share their production techniques. The discussions range from gear preference, influences, song structure, vocals, studio to stage performance, background and upcoming projects and so much more. Every Sunday at 6PM CST, Music Producer/Keyboardist/Composer/Engineer Spud Too Tight "Chops it Up" with his peers on a variety of music production and tech talk discussions in multi-genres of music. In January 2011 The Producer's Corner with Spud Too Tight was Ranked No.1 of The Top 5 Most Artistic Podcasts' in Associated Content on Yahoo.

"The Producer's Corner with Spud Too Tight is more than Production & Tech Talk; It is a New Music Movement" - Music Producer Spud Too Tight 2011.

       Legend Icon Teddy Riley

"Spud Too Tight is a gifted, prolific keyboardist and composer. I've requested some of his tracks already for future projects we will work on together. He is also one of the very few producers in the game that can emulate the "New Jack Swing" sound to measure up to my standards of excellence. His show is a great attribute to the music industry" says Teddy Riley.

V.S.C. (Virtual Studio Configuration) creates a Gateway for Audio to be Streamed directly from any DAW (PC or MAC) or Analog Setup versus using a USB Microphone. 


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